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    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ... |C|I|P|NattyDread


    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread Empty |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ... |C|I|P|NattyDread

    Post  Invitado Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:13 pm

    28th March in 2010, it's my birthday and I've received a CIP's surprise of his member called |C|I|P|NattyDread nowadays who's |C|I|P|Crazy. Well, this is the gift from this person:

    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread CIPASS

    First, I'd like to tell several things:

    - I want to let everybody know I never go into the sever of that clan, I don't know if Stellios and Punkiz go in. I went into the server once and |C|I|P|Crazy banned me, since then, I haven't gone into the server again.
    - I'd like to explain what happened that day. It was early and |C|I|P|Crazy had a ping from 4 to 10, he has the ping so low because he live in the same place where his server is, naturally I had more ping because I'm from Spain (my ping was from 110 to 120).
    - I want to let everybody know I'm better player than him so he froze me and I was called queer. Seconds later, he banned me. These things are the reasons which he banned me and I left to go into his server for.
    - I want to let everybody know they have never tested us (Stellios and Invicto).
    - This thing is the reason which everything started for, he published this picture on this web page:

    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread Cagate

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    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread Empty Re: |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ... |C|I|P|NattyDread

    Post  Stelios Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:45 pm

    Stelios wrote:what you expect from the guy how use cheats and hi give cheats in the admins of his clan?!
    what you expect from the guy how make you admin if the pay him?!lol
    what you expect from the guy how ban the players for cheats ( Cro_eagle,Cro_fighter) and later the same players is admins in his clan?!lol

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    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread Empty Re: |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ... |C|I|P|NattyDread

    Post  Punkiz Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:32 am

    Hello, I never have put messages for speak about this guy,cause I don´t like fight but I have my limits,and This guy Crazy has exceeded my limits.
    The first thing that I want to say is that all the things that this guy say are false.Invicto an Stelios never were tested in his server so is impossible that they have score of norecoil.
    He´s angry cause we know that he removed his profile on gametracker and now he use nattydread.....
    He removed his profile cause his clan is over and he needs use another name cause he fucked many people with his behaviour...He have jelousy and envy of our clan,cause we are better playing, we have better mods and better server and our server is always on top on gametracker rank and his server is down.
    Some time ago he put in his webpage something to fuck our reputation saying that our clan was trying copy his clan....Is very interesting see the things that one person can do when don´t have nothing to get full his server.
    We got his member Cro_eagle in our server,and we made the norecoil test to him,his score was 63....he´s a cheater,I don´t mind if he´s admin of this clan but is pathetic call to the others clan cheaters when the admins of CIP CLAN have cheats....So the reality are that his clan use cheats,and the people not are stupid this is the reason of his clan be always empty....
    All this attacks only made our clan more strongest,thanks for your support,and don´t choose noobs clan with cheats...

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    |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ...    |C|I|P|NattyDread Empty Re: |C|I|P|Crazy NOW is ... |C|I|P|NattyDread

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