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    cip clan stories


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    cip clan stories Empty cip clan stories

    Post  Stelios Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:44 am

    1).okay 1 more time we speak about you (cip clan)why you say that we copy you guys? if we copy you, will be in the 10-15 place in the rank in the gametracker!we are in the 2,and in a fiew days will be in the first!you see the diferent?2-15 i hope you understand that.
    2)you make fake server is not exist countdown 3.0 the original is 1.7 and 1.7.5 and 1.8 with sam extra maps from single player,that says the guy how modded:

    changes: 1st new maps m1l1 m1l2a m1l2b training(note u will need the sinple player maps conversion pk3 for it to work.i will attach that to this mod. and some custom maps thefalls anubis and toysoldiers.

    on all non-obj maps there is a enilightment mod where you are the light. you still have to find the radio.
    however allies are sometimes blue and normally axis are red. on certain maps i have changed the colours.
    however after 1 round of countdown it will go back to normal. so no-more glowing people lol.


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